Survival of us all


Survival is a touchy subject that can apply to a number of topics. Survival could be referring to survival of a species fighting against its environment, or it could be survival of the environment fighting against the species inhabiting it. Survival of the fittest is a common saying that can be used to defend our decision to continue fishing or hunting or using the limited resources on our planet. For me survival does not have to be so black and white, survival can be maintained with a sustainable environment without using up every last resource we have. We can work to find a way to survive on this planet with the species left on this planet. As humans we would have to consume less and give more to benefit the survival of not only us but our planet and every other animal that co exists with us.  Survival is tough without reducing the numbers of resources around us. Such as reducing the number of trees in an area to make room for housing. Wiping out an ecosystem to open up room for a shopping mall. We as a race would have to work together to preserve the life that exists all around us. Survival of the fittest could not be restricted to only one species but instead our entire planet if enough work was put in. Our whole planet could be the fittest as we push the boundaries of what we know and explore outwards into space. However in order to get to that point we as a planet have to work together to make it that far.


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