A Greener Earth

There is not much time left to help our planet before it passes the point of no return. Everyone wants instant gratification when it comes to helping the planet.  No one except a few people realize the extent of how we as humans are actually affecting our planet.  This planet is all we have. The picture I have attached shows how beautiful our little planet is and should emphasis the care we put into it to preserve it so our descendants still have grass to stand on.


Planet Earth, our beautiful blue planet.


Just how important is Water

In general people take for granted their availability of water especially in America.  Groundwater work is done on a very regular basis to ensure water quality stays up to a certain standard for consumption. Water makes up 70% of the Earth’s surface, however only 1/10,000 of that water is readily available fresh drinking water that sits on the surface. The other large portion of fresh water is only available deep underground. This makes providing people with fresh drinking water a constant struggle not only for us here in America but everywhere in the World.